Get the Scoop on Marietta’s Ice Cream Shops

Get the Scoop on Marietta’s Ice Cream Shops

Treat every day like National Ice Cream Day! We’re providing the inside scoop on the best ice cream places in Marietta.

Four Fat Cows

This Marietta Square Market ice cream shop is owned by a mother-son duo. Fun fact: Four Fat Cows draws its name from the family’s four children! They offer flavors ranging from Strawberry Balsamic, Blueberry Buttermilk Pie, to Chocolate Overload. With all the flavor options, there is something “four” everyone.

Sarah Jean’s Ice Cream

Looking for a new flavor? Sarah Jean’s has many! No seriously, they offer 40+ flavors. Not to mention they have ice cream, yogurt, gelato, Italian ice and more. After choosing the perfect flavor, you can enjoy your ice cream while strolling around the Marietta Square.

SweeTreats Ice Cream and Coffee House

Personalize your ice cream! At SweeTreats you can order custom-blended ice cream & frozen yogurt creations. Choose any flavor combinations or mix-ins for a unique treat. This ice cream joint will quickly become one of your favorites!

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar at Marietta Square Market

Looking for something a little different? Everyone’s beloved Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar offers soft served bubble tea ice cream at their Marietta Square Market location. Grab a bubble tea while you’re at it!

Wherever you choose to satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to share your photos with us by using #VisitMariettaGA!